Thermo King Northwest & Perfect Drive Golf & Utility

Vehicles Rental Options

Thermo King Northwest provides daily, weekly, and monthly rentals. Pricing is subject to type of unit, term of rental, quantity and delivery options. All rental units are backed by the support of an experienced service department.


Refrigerated Trailers & Containers

Whether your product is delicate flowers, pharmaceuticals, refrigerated or frozen foods, whatever your needs we can supply the right unit!

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Golf, Commercial, Utility, XRT, Used

Perfect Drive Golf services Golf or Country Club's looking for seasonal or tournament rentals, fair weather golfer's looking for a golf car without the hassle of maintenance and off season storage, schools/estates/hotels/churches facilitating an event, and many other individual needs requiring a golf and/or utility vehicle. We have all kinds of vehicles to meet whatever your needs.

If you are interested in a rental or leasing, please contact our rentals department.