TrailerBlade™ - Authorized Dealer for Advanced Trailer Side Skirts

Thermo King Northwest now offers TrailerBlade™ Advanced Trailer Side Skirts. Highest durability. Lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

TrailerBlade Trailer Skirt
Save Time and Money with TrailerBlade!

Compare Strehl TrailerBlade Model 715 with its competition and you'll find it ranks near the top in tested fuel savings (7% in independent testing) and near the bottom in price. The right combination of proven materials, rugged design and efficient manufacturing create an advanced side skirt that is economical to buy, easy to install, ruggedly built and will look great for years.

Not only did we pass the Smartway® certification requirement for an advanced skirt, we exceeded the certification requirement by more than 43%. Strehl Side Skirts are easy to install and offer multiple adjustments to maximize fuel savings and minimize damage.

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